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Chris Conway | Ride Of The Week

This week’s Ride Of The Week goes to Chris Conway with his V2. Like most of us he works hard and plays harder, when it comes to going fast he’s no stranger. Having two Nitrous cars before the V he fell in love with the instant power. After reaching one of our competitor’s capabilities rather quick he made the switch to Nitrous Outlet and hasn’t looked back. The V isn’t too far from stock, with a mild cam, bigger pulley, ported blower and bolt ons she moves pretty fast for a 4000+ sedan. A best of 9.7 @ 140 on boost and 9.2 @ 149 on the Nitrous Outlet single nozzle with a 150shot.




Future for the car is going with bigger cam, adding spray bars in the lid as a 2nd stage, standalone fuel setup and hope to break the 8s. Congrats again Chris Conway for being our Ride Of The Week!

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