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Momma said not to gloat, but for the lucky SOBs that own LS3-powered Camaros, it’s awfully tough to stay modest. With 376 cubic inches, 426 horsepower, and rectangler-port heads that flow an unbelievable 330 cfm from the factory, it’s essentially a baby LS7. Considering the astounding naturally aspirated horsepower potential of the LS3, the prospect of bolting on a power-adder may seem rather peculiar. Slide in a bigger cam-and bam-you’ve got yourself an extra 50-75 hp. Massage those heads, and laying down 500 hp to the wheels is cake. Nevertheless, not everyone cares for a lumpity-lump idle, spinning the stock short-block to 7,500 rpm, and beating on the rod bolts like they owe you money. Turbo and supercharger kits offer an appealing solution, but cost as much as a used LS1 fourth-gen, and take way too long to remove when it’s time to head to the dealer for warranty work. (Not that we’d endorse that sort of thing.) As such, good ol’ nitrous injection systems are, and always will be, the best bang-for-the-buck horsepower mod in existence, and Nitrous Outlet has developed what could very well be the perfect way to juice an LS3 or L99 Camaro.

By nature, a nitrous system is a rather generic conglomerate of parts, and many kits are engineered to fit dozens of different vehicle platforms. The typical kit includes a bottle, solenoids, one-size-fits-all brackets, a spray nozzle, and various lengths of braided hoses and wires. Minor concerns such as figuring out where and how to mount the parts, cutting and splicing wires, and plumbing everything up are all on the end user. This isn’t a huge deal, but it can definitely get irritating, especially when impromptu trips to the hardware store are part of the equation. To help avoid such frustrations, Nitrous Outlet takes a different approach to designing nitrous oxide systems than most manufacturers. The company’s goal is to offer turnkey, application-specific nitrous systems that any DIYer can install in a couple of hours. Instead of pawning off a single generic Gen III/IV system on the public, Nitrous Outlet has application-specific kits for the LS1 F-body, LS6 CTS-V, LS2 CTS-V, C5 Corvette, C5 Z06, C6 Corvette, C6 Z06, LS1 GTO, LS2 GTO, and so on and so forth. If there’s a late-model GM performance vehicle, Nitrous Outlet probably has a nitrous system designed specifically for it. That kind of attention to detail allows the company to sell kits that include pre-bent hard lines, plug-and-play wiring harnesses, detailed installation instructions, and solenoid and bottle mounting brackets designed specifically for your car.

This comprehensive approach, along with Nitrous Outlet’s extensive line of nitrous systems for late-model GM EFI vehicles, has made the company’s kits extremely popular with LS enthusiast. As no surprise, it didn’t take long for Nitrous Outlet to design a brand-new system for LS3 and L99 Camaros. To check it out in person, we paid a visit to Nitrous Outlet’s Waco, Texas, headquarters and observed as technicians installed the new system on a 2010 Camaro. The procedure went down without a hitch, and a few hours later the fifth-gen was pimpin’ another 150 horsepower at the wheels. That’s not bad at all for half an afternoon’s work.

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