Nitrous Outlet Straight Thread Nozzle

Anyone who has drilled, tapped and plumbed their own direct port system can tell you how difficult it can be to get all of the nitrous nozzles aligned just right on the intake. Up until now all nitrous nozzles have been a tapered NPT styled thread meaning that each nozzle bung had to be drilled to an exact depth to get the nozzles to sit at the same height and rotation. Nitrous Outlet’s solution to this problem is the new Straight Thread Nitrous Nozzle. This nozzle’s straight threading allows you to tweak the position of the nozzle without re-taping the nozzle bungs. You simply screw the nozzle to your desired position with Loctite then torque down the jam-nut to keep it firmly in place. Keep in mind that this nozzle must be installed on a flat surface in order for the jam nut to function correctly.

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